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enjoy the real sound of
Italian Style
glamorous trip around the '30 to 60' Italian musical culture. Romance, fun and fascinating executions thought for all who loves the
"bel canto mood" 


Many people across the world go to Italy to synthesize the magic formula, just to discover the equation, perhaps it resides in a color, a taste, a smell, or maybe a lively way to speak, but in reality what they all try to find, Italians simply have it in their DNA.

It is that unmistakable way of being Italian, better known as the famous Italian Style.

This musical project proposes in his repertoire a careful selection of the most popular Italian swing and classics songs of the 40's to the 60's, some proud references to the great success of the Neapolitan culture of the last century and a refined interpretation of some contemporary songs of the great Italian songwriters known all over the world.

Among the most represented are Domenico Modugno, Fred Buscaglione, Renato Carosone, Caruso, Quartetto Cetra, Luciano Tajoli, Paolo Conte and many others.

A funny and lively taste enriched by the acoustic flavor, a real professional crew forming a tipical Italian acoustic orchestra that standardly consists in guitars, accordion, violin, mandolin, double bass, drums and a real Italian crooner, with a great stage presence with showy lyrical roots but with outstanding verve.

Entertainment made for a foreign audience and Italian, suitable for all the ages and ambients, classy or funny parties or business conventions, perfect for swing, jazz and standard music lovers and contemporary audience.

An original and well played groove, “so old that it sounds new".

A pleasant journey to discover the fascinating and involving ITALIAN STYLE.


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